Air Liquide, the world’s largest industrial and medical gas company, has claimed it is the leading supplier of oxygen to the South African Gold Mining Industry.

The company notes that feedback from clients suggests its dedicated oxygen systems and solutions are the ‘preferred method’ for gold recovery in South Africa. Furthermore, more gold mining companies in the country use the company’s products than others available – says Air Liquide.

“More gold mining companies in South Africa use Air Liquide’s oxygen solutions and its proven ALDOC (Air Liquide Dissolved Oxygen Control) system, than any other products available,” commented Kobus Durand, Air Liquide’s Metallurgy Manager.

“The response we’re getting is that Air Liquide’s ALDOC system is the generally preferred method of recovering gold in South Africa. We’ve designed and perfected the system here in SA and are currently using it in several African countries and a few other countries in the rest of the world such as Thailand and Canada.”

Air Liquide’s services offer a range of benefits and advantages, perhaps explaining its popularity among the mining and metallurgy customers, while the group’s oxygen is also used in the treatment of effluent and pre-oxidation in the mining industry.

Durand said, “Feedback from our clients, which include major players like Anglo Gold, Harmony, Rand Gold and DRD Group shows that the clear advantages of using the ALDOC system includes competitive pricing, world class quality and service, reduced cyanide consumption, improved kinetics, and much improved recoveries.”

“The benefits are recognised by our customers as a revolutionary alternative to the old way of gold recovery which involved peroxide and the simple injection of compressed air. This process was extremely hazardous and detrimental to the environment. The Aldoc system is particularly environment friendly as part of its process includes the destruction of cyanide.”