Air Products has announced it has acquired Harvest Energy Technology, Inc., a leader in the development of hydrogen generation technology for industrial and energy applications. “This acquisition enables Air Products to offer a cost-effective generated hydrogen solution to augment our current gaseous tube trailer and liquid hydrogen tanker offerings,” explains Robert Dixon, senior vice president and general manager, Merchant Gases at Air Products.

“We have worked with Harvest on several hydrogen fuelling projects for smaller scale systems. The combination of Air Products’ hydrogen pressure swing adsorption capabilities with Harvest’s reformer technology provides the lowest cost hydrogen available for the merchant market in this production range. Beyond fuelling stations, we have already identified several global industrial applications for the system’s capabilities, enhancing our offerings to the steel, glass, metals processing, and photovoltaic markets,” said David Guro, the generated gases global product manager for Hydrogen Generation and Purification at Air Products.

Guro added, “This highly packaged on-site hydrogen generation technology allows for easy field installation and is an important addition to the Air Products portfolio of hydrogen delivery options.”

“We are pleased to join a company who is a leader in the supply of hydrogen for industrial and energy applications,” said Dr David Warren, chief executive officer of Harvest. “Our team is looking forward to executing new projects and further developing larger and more cost-effective hydrogen generators.” Harvest’s employees will join Air Products and work from their existing California location.

Since 1998, Harvest has delivered over 20 fuel processors to clients located throughout the world and has gained unparalleled experience in the design, fabrication and operation of shop-fabricated, automated steam methane reformer hydrogen generators. Harvest partnered with leading companies to commercialize hydrogen technology for industrial use, transportation and stationary power applications.