Industrial gas giant Air Products has announced plans to install a new liquefier at its air separation plant (ASU) in Ohio to meet growing regional demand.

The new liquefier will add hundreds of tonnes per day (tpd) of liquid nitrogen (LIN) production capacity to the site in a bid to meet increasing customer product needs.

The Tier One corporation’s facility in Middletown, Ohio, has two large ASUs which were commissioned in 1983 and 2012. Both units serve large tonnage industrial gas demand in the area as well as supporting merchant markets with LIN and liquid oxygen (LOX) capacity. They are also a key Midwest source of liquid argon (LAR).

The new liquefier is set to be commissioned in October 2018.

John Robinson, Vice-President – Northern Region, Americas Industrial Gases at Air Products, explained, “This planned increase in LIN production is the direct result of keeping up with existing customer demand and increased product need from one large customer in particular, who is already under a long-term contract.”

“We are making this investment to meet defined need in the region…in a dynamic geography that has a strong pipeline of opportunities.”

According to gasworld Business Intelligence, nitrogen is the most profitable industrial gas in the Great Lakes region of the US, with sales accounting for approximately 23% of total revenues across the entire region in 2015. Air Products currently commands a 14% share of the industrial gas market in the Great Lakes territory.