Air Products showcased its new Integra® e2 cylinder and Gastraksm e2 Service, at the Schweissen & Schneiden exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Both the new e2 offerings provide the manufacturing industry with a route to a more sustainable approach to welding. They include the latest electronics aimed at improving quality, whilst also improving efficiency and economy. Features include the digital display of gas consumption, the identification of gas leaks and advanced flow measurement.

The Tier One company states that, with e2, the optimum flowrate is constantly achieved, which not only saves gas from being wasted, it saves money, reduces your environmental footprint and improves weld quality too.

Air Products Gastraksm e2 Service customers will benefit from the latest economiser and gas monitoring technology – the Gastrak® e2 meter and Gastrak® e2 master. Special software is also provided which allows leak checks to be carried out at the press of a button; it also tracks gas flow rates, total gas consumption and gas mix quality at each use point.

Craig Hunt, Director of Packaged Gases Technology, said, “Eliminating waste is vital for a business and the environment. Using the new Integra e2 cylinder and the new Gastrak e2 Service takes care of the gas part of this challenge. Customers can rest assured that they are using optimum gas flowrates and are operating with minimum gas waste. This improves weld quality whilst saving money and time too.”