Air Products has won two contracts to support Samsung Austin Semiconductor’s 300mm semiconductor manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. The agreement will substantially aid production of next-generation mobile devices in the region.
According to the contract, Air Products will double its current output of on-site, high-purity, oxygen and nitrogen. Supplementing this, Air Products will also provide a significant amount of specialty gas and chemical delivery equipment to enable the expansion.
Vice President and General Manager of Electronics for Air Products, Corning Painter, commented, “Air Products is pleased to be selected to supply Samsung’s Austin expansion. Our breadth of products and services for the global electronics industry continues to make us the supplier of choice for semiconductor, display and photovoltaic manufacturers.”
The new investment will produce ‘systems on a chip’ (SoC) that will equip processing as well as peripheral functions such as memory and microcontrollers. SoC benefit from being low-power and multi-functional, which is essential to next-generation mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers and similar devices.