Air Products and Hardinge have announced an agreement to market advanced machining technologies to the North American metals industry.

The agreement allows Hardinge to offer Air Products’ ICEFLY ® machining technology as part of its QUEST ® line of metal cutting lathes.

Hardinge QUEST lathes are used to cut metal into specific shapes. The lathes rotate the metal, holding it in place while a cutting tool shaves away material. This machining process generates a lot of heat which limits productivity.

To overcome this obstacle, the Air Products’ ICEFLY machining technology has come to the rescue. A Jet of liquid nitrogen, cooled to –320°F, is sprayed on the insert and leaves no residue on the machining equipment or parts. The ICEFLY also allows for precise cutting at rates of up to 200% faster than the same lathe without it. The technology is designed to increase tool life by up to 250%.

Commenting on the partnership Mike Epting, Business Manager at Air Products said, “Both Hardinge and Air Products are recognised market leaders, and our technologies complement each other well. But while it is a great business decision for each company, our customers are the real winners”.

The ICEFLY machining technology can be retrofitted to existing lathes at customer sites, or added as an optional feature on a new Hardinge Quest lathe.

Air Products and Hardinge will display the ICEFLY machining technology on a Hardhinge Lathe at the Eastiec Machining Show in Springfield, Mass., from May 24-26.