Air Products has initiated its third joint research and development project with Tianjin University in China.

The agreement has been struck-up between the North American industrial gases firm and Tianjin University’s State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering. The project itself will focus upon the distillation and modelling of chemical processes in engineering design technology, which will be applied to air separation and hydrocarbon processes accelerating process development for the gases industry.

Professor Yuan Xigang, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University, commented, “We are very glad to build further partnerships with Air Products, a global industrial gases leader in technology and innovation. Our technology exchanges and collaborations have brought us very good international perspectives on global trends and developments.”

Professor Xigang added, “Air Products is also committed to developing local talent, and we are very pleased to see that several of our Ph.D. students are now developing their careers at this company. We look forward to our continued cooperation on many fronts.”

Air Products and Tianjin University have established a longstanding research and development partnership having signed three joint R&D agreements on advanced chemical engineering sciences since 2005. According to these agreements, Air Products provides funding to the University for R&D projects which engage a number of Ph.D. and master’s degree students.