Air Products announced today that it will bring onstream three more SmartFuel® hydrogen fueling stations in California during the month of October.

The three stations are coming onstream, with another 25 hydrogen fueling stations involving Air Products that are now in the construction, planning or permitting phase, as automobile manufacturers gear up to launch fuel cell vehicles into the California market.

Where to go

The California stations set to open for public use this month are located at: 11261 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles; 1819 Cloverfield Boulevard, Santa Monica; and the University of California-Irvine, Irvine. Air Products’ hydrogen fueling technology was also brought onstream recently at a station located at the South Coast Air Quality Management District building in Diamond Bar, California.

Happy National Hydrogen Day

“We thought with today being National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in the United States, that we would give an update on our network of stations in California which are coming onstream in the near-term, and also stations that are in the planning, permitting and construction stages,” said Ed Kiczek, global business director – Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products. “We are pleased with the progress we have been making in commercializing these stations as the planned vehicle rollout is set to begin, and believe the public will find the hydrogen fueling process very similar to filling a vehicle with traditional fuels.”

The United States Senate passed Resolution 217 on Sept. 29 citing the many benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technology and designating October 8, 2015 as National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. Kiczek said he applauds the Senate for passing the Resolution, as well as the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association for its work in gaining the recognition.

The fueling stations will also include Air Products’ advanced consumer-friendly retail hydrogen fuel dispenser, which has been certified by the California Division of Measurement Standards. The new Air Products offering is the market’s first fully-integrated retail hydrogen dispenser, mirrors traditional consumer gasoline fueling and payment practices, and is readily available to meet consumer expectations of refilling hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles in a safe, fast, reliable, and familiar manner.