Air Products is set to supply 50 hydrogen fuel cell buses to the Asian Games and Asian Para Games. The Games are scheduled to run between the 12th November and 19th December in Guangzhou City, China.
Powered by Air Products’ hydrogen, the fuel cell buses of the Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Centre (CEAEC) of Tongji University will shuttle athletes and government officials between the facilities during the Games. The project aims to achieve zero-emission transportation at the Games’ venue, while also promoting low vehicle emissions in surrounding regions.
Within the agreement, Air Products is also preparing to supply liquid nitrogen for use at the hydrogen fuelling station. C S Saw, Asia Vice President, Liquid Bulk and Generated Gases for Air Products, remarked, “We would like to thank Tongji University and are honoured to play a role in supporting the Chinese government’s commitment to making the Asian Games a high-technology, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving event.”
He added, “For an event like this, reliable and safe supply is critical. This win underscores our strong supply position in South China and also our leading position in supporting the Chinese government in the commercialisation of new-energy vehicles to build a greener world.”
Air Products benefits form a strong supply capability in South China. In order to address this contract, hydrogen is being delivered from its Zhuhai plant, the largest high purity hydrogen plant in the Guangdong Province, by truck to the hydrogen fuelling station installed by CEAEC inside the Asian Games site.