A meeting has recently been held in Cannock, UK, to confront the problem regarding oxygen supply to patients.

Over the summer months of June and July 2006 many homecare patients wanted to go outside to enjoy the sun. This meant that more oxygen was needed and that cylinders needed to be returned quicker. Air Products' said that the amount of cylinders returned was not sufficient enough to keep the supply of oxygen at its best. This has now changed and the company are supplying patients at about 99 percent.

Air Products was invited to attend a discussion group arranged by Breathe Easy, the patient support network of the British Lung Foundation, in Cannock on Monday 8th January, to discuss the Home Oxygen Service with patients.

The company's patient services manager gave an update on the service and talked about the new arrangements for ordering oxygen for holidays. She then responded to patients' queries related to the use of the service, such as electricity payments and use of conservers. The meeting proved to be very positive for the company and patients provided useful and good feedback about their service.