Air Products’ PRISM Membranes division in Saint Louis, Missouri, has received PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification for two new sizes of membrane separators for biogas upgrading applications.

This certification, from DNV GL Business Assurance Italia S.r.l., confirms that Air Products’ biogas separation products meet the European standards for design, manufacture, and safe operation of pressurized equipment. Air Products last received PED certification in Sept. 2015 for PRISM® membrance separators, but the company now offers six different PRISM Membrane Separators for biogas applications.

The two newest separators are designed for lower biogas processing capacity than Air Products’ current product offerings. This makes the new products ideally suited for small-scale and micro anaerobic digester applications, which constitute the largest number of digesters globally. PRISM Membrane Separators contain polymeric hollow fibers and utilize selective permeation to separate raw biogas into two streams: enriched biomethane and enriched carbon dioxide.

“The two new membrane separators will be offered with both our high flux and high selectivity fiber types,” said Charles Page, Air Products’ PRISM Membranes Business Manager. “This combination of membrane separator sizes and fiber types provides engineers unparalleled flexibility to optimize system performance in accordance with customer specifications.”

“Air Products is a leading manufacturer of gas separation membrane separators,” said Greg Malcolm, Business Manager of Engineered Membrane Systems at Air Products. “These new products demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of the global biogas market.”

Air Products’ PRISM Membrane Separators are manufactured exclusively at its facility in Saint Louis, Missouri (USA) and sold through an exclusive network of preferred engineering and integration companies worldwide.