In partnership with the Alberta Energy Research Institute (AERI), Air products is utilising its technical expertise to conduct a study focused on advanced CO2 capture technology for use with gasification.

The study, titled “Advanced Hydrogen and CO2 Capture Technology for Sour Syngas,” is expected to be completed by October 2010.

It is hoped that the advanced carbon capture technology developed by Air Products could reduce the cost of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, by up to 25% compared with existing technologies.

Steve Carney, Business Development Manager at Air Products, noted the importance of the study, “This work is important in the development of clean power, or hydrogen projects via gasification, because of its potential to achieve high levels of CO2 capture and lower the overall cost of that capture element.”

He continued, “This would make CO2 capture a more attractive option for operators of gasifiers and similar industries generating large volumes of emissions. The project’s end target is to have a company committed to site a demonstration plant using this advanced technology.”

The project will perform a technological and economic assessment of Air products development of alternative CO2 capture options, in particular the company’s operation of hydrogen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems associated with steam methane reforming and its advantages over current selective gas separation technologies.

Dr. Eddy Isaacs, Executive Director of AERI, remarked, “The Alberta Government has made a very significant commitment towards advancing the commercialisation of carbon capture and storage (CCS).”

However, he added, “Substantive technological innovation will be needed to reduce capital and operating cost and the energy requirements for CCS. We are pleased to work on this project with Air Products in a staged approach of developing technology that will significantly reduce the costs of capture.”