A senior spokesperson for Air Products has commended recent European research into the value of hydrogen fuel cell transport.
Ian Williamson, European Hydrogen and Bio Energy Director at Air Products and President of the European Hydrogen Association, highlighted the importance of recent European Union research. The report, titled, “A portfolio of power-trains for Europe: a fact-based analysis” discovered that a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is the best low carbon transport option to replace the average family car.
The Air Products’ supported research also concluded that there was a clear business case for the development of hydrogen infrastructure. Consequently, it called for an orchestrated investment plan across the EU to build-up the first critical mass of hydrogen supply.
Ian Williamson responded to the findings positively. He said, “This fact-based analysis on such an important area is a vital step for the industry. It’s clear that the EU must introduce a mix of low carbon transport technologies if it is to meet its carbon reduction goals and the report shows that hydrogen has the potential to play a huge part in this.”
Williamson added, “The EU is making investments in hydrogen fuelling facilities which are showing us the potential of the technology. We would like to see this continue in a coordinated way to ensure we do not miss the opportunity of creating an infrastructure that is essential to any significant reduction in transport carbon emissions.”