Air Products recently made delivery of its 40th PRISM® Hydrogen Generator, which provides economical on-site gas production for a broad range of supply requirements.

The latest order, received from Biotechnological complex-ROSVA, a biorefinery for the processing of grain and production of sorbitol in Russia, involves the installation of two 250-normal-cubic-meters-per-hour hydrogen (H2) generators, which will be used for hydrogenation in its manufacturing process.

Air Products’ PRISM H2 generators have the capability to supply requirements from 50 normal cubic meters per hour to more than 4,500 normal cubic meters per hour, providing the lowest cost on-site H2 available in this production range.

”We are able to provide the most economical gas supply option for customers all around the world”

Dave Guro, Global Product Manager for H2 Generation and Purification at Air Products

“We work closely with customers to identify the needs of their individual processes so we can provide the optimal solution for H2 supply in that range,” said Dave Guro, Global Product Manager for H2 Generation and Purification at Air Products. “We work on applications for both large and small PRISM H2 plants, and by leveraging Air Products’ global sales, supply chain, and operations network, we are able to provide the most economical gas supply option for customers all around the world.”

Air Products’ PRISM H2 generator, which combines the company’s proprietary reformer technology with its H2 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) capabilities, is a highly packaged on-site H2 generation technology that allows for easy field installation and a fast start-up.

Air Products’ H2 generators have been supplied for applications in a variety of industries, including hydrogenation in chemical processing, atmospheric control in float glass, epitaxy production in electronics, annealing and galvanising steel, and metals processing.