Two new air separation units (ASUs) for Shadeed Iron & Steel's production plant in the Sohar Industrial Port of Oman will be supplied by a joint venture between the Abdullah Hashim Group of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and Air Products, it has been revealed.

The ASUs are to supply both oxygen and nitrogen for iron and steel production at the Shadeed Iron & Steel facilities in Sohar, Oman and are to be designed and engineered by Air Products in the UK, scheduled to come on-stream in August 2008.

“We have a 30-year relationship with the Abdullah Hashim Group, having supplied them with a number of ASU production facilities, and we regularly work together to supply ASUs to other clients in the region,” explained Richard Boocock, Air Products' Vice President, Tonnage Gases, Equipment & Energy, Europe and Middle East.

“Abdullah Hashim is a well established and respected name. Combined with our large scale engineering capability and product supply reliability, together we have proved to be a winning formula for Shadeed,” he said.

Speaking about the company’s presence and strength in the Middle East region, Boocock said, “Air Products has built leadership positions in the wider Middle East supplying gases, equipment and operations expertise into sectors such as GTL, LNG and refining. Now, we are proving that we can compete and win in other sectors, such as steel production.”