Air Products China has embarked on a new community programme to provide safe and healthy drinking water to schools in China.

A launch ceremony themed Caring for the Younger Generation took place yesterday (13th Oct) at the No. 2 Primary School of Xiangyuan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province.

Partnering with Shenzhen One Foundation, a non-profit organisation in China, Air Products donated 22 sets of water purification and dispensing devices along with reusable water containers to provide purified and warm direct drinking water to more than 12,000 students at 17 schools in Xiangyuan County.


Source: Air Products

The donation was made through the Air Products Foundation which works with charitable organisations around the world that share the values inherent in the company’s higher purpose including enhancing the quality of life in its host communities.

As part of the programme, the company’s employee volunteers will also offer the students science courses relating to water and gases, aiming to plant the seeds of a passion for science in the hearts of the young generation.

“Children are the future masters of the society. We are excited to embark on another community effort in China in which our employees are also engaged, and that improves the life of young generation and nurtures their innovative mindset by fostering their interest in science,” said Air Products China President Saw Choon Seong.

“It reinforces Air Products’ ongoing commitment as a responsible corporate citizen to grow with the country and support its sustainable development.”


Source: Air Products