Air Products, through its subsidiary of Air Products San Fu, has recently expanded nitrous oxide (N20) capacity at its Nanke plant in Taiwan.

The new capacity will support the fast growing semiconductor and thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) markets in Asia and has been on-stream since the beginning of this year. The facility also doubles the N2O capacity at the site and produces high purity N2O products to meet existing and potential customers' requirements. The newly expanded capacity will be an exact duplicate of Air Products' existing production capabilities.

There will be no change in raw material supply for production, and Air Products will continue to maintain its strict online monitoring of the operational process and the thorough analysis of the finished goods produced at Nanke. The adsorption unit and purifier at the facility will enable the company to produce high purity N2O to meet the industry's stringent requirements.

$quot;This expansion reinforces our commitment to our customers and to maintaining our position as the leading world supplier of electronics specialty gases. We will leverage our global capabilities and product portfolio to be the most reliable supplier to the industry,$quot; said Corning Painter, vice president, Global Electronics Division for Air Products.

Nitrous oxide is used with silane for chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride layers, which are typically used as a passivation, masking, or insulating layers. Another of its main applications is in the plasma deposition of fused silica glass as a low-k dielectric insulating film between adjacent metal lines.