Air Products has entered the personal care speciality ingredients industry as part of its overall performance materials growth platform strategy.

The company will focus initially on personal care speciality ingredients for skin care, hair care, and colour cosmetics. The path to market will initially leverage a technology license, and research and development agreement with Landec Corporation providing exclusive rights to Landec's novel and patented polymer technology for personal care under the trade name Intelimer® polymers.

Landec's unique Intelimer polymers provide a tool for global personal care companies to develop distinct products. Intelimer polymers possess exceptional abilities to adjust the feel, touch, and other properties of cosmetic products when activated by the temperature of skin or hair and are currently being used in several skin care and hair care products.

"Our strategy is to create a personal care platform via a combination of new product development internally, the licensing of external technologies that build on our core competencies, and selected acquisitions that provide critical mass, know-how and industry access," said Wayne Mitchell, Air Products' vice president and general manager\\$quot;“Performance Materials Division.

"This collaboration will jump-start our goal to become a credible specialty ingredient supplier to the personal care industry and will enable our long-term strategic objective to establish a profitable growth business."

The company will make its personal care speciality ingredients debut 16 \\$quot;“17 May at the New York Suppliers Day hosted by the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists.