Air Products has publicised plans to increase the production of ultra high-purity nitrogen and oxygen by expanding its nitrogen pipeline serving the electronics industry in Chandler, Arizona.

Air Products’ nitrogen pipeline in Chandler has been operational since 1981 and the expansion is expected to add to the firm’s ability to meet nitrogen and oxygen demand in the area.

Corning Painter, Vice President and General Manager of Electronics for Air Products highlighted the importance of this expansion. He commented, “We have been serving the electronics industry in Chandler for 30 years and are pleased to bring on this new capacity to serve the expanding market.”

“We are proud to own and maintain nitrogen pipelines in the leading Electronics regions around the world. These provide our customers with reliable supply and offer the ability to make low-cost increases in volumes as necessary.”

Air Products’ Electronics business got its start with a nitrogen pipeline serving the Silicon Valley. Today the company’s pipelines snake through the leading Science Parks in Taiwan, China and Korea, supplying next generation fabs with the high volumes of nitrogen necessary for semiconductor and TFT-LCD production.

Supporting Obama

The North American industrial gas firm, Air Products recently came out in support of President Obama’s expansion plan dubbed, “Skills for America’s Future”. The project is designed to improve industry partnerships with community colleges to maximise workforce development strategies.

In fact the project is close to the firm’s own ethos, as John McGlade, Chairman, President and CEO pointed out, “I could not agree more with the importance President Obama has placed on the workforce skills necessary to compete with companies in this global economy. We are very passionate about workforce development at Air Products to do our part to ensure a skilled workforce for the competitiveness of the country and to support our own future employment needs. Partnering with SkillsUSA has been an excellent way for us to meet these goals.”