Air Products South Africa is playing a pivotal role by supplying gases to a number of microbreweries in the Western Cape area.

Freshline™ gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) form an integral part of the manufacturing process as well as the presentation of craft beer to beer drinkers. 

Freshline CO2 is used for the carbonation of the final product and is added towards the end of the process, and Freshline N2 or a Freshline gas mixture is used in the dispensing of beer to add the final ‘touch’ when it is served. 

Air Products’ Regional Sales Manager – Western Cape, Nita Müller, explained the importance of understanding the use of Freshline gases in craft beer brewing, “We strive towards outstanding customer service, coupled with ensuring a secure supply of Freshline gases through the complete value chain of craft beer offered to the end customer.”

Müller further highlighted, “I believe what distinguishes Air Products from the rest is the fact that we are committed to partner with our customers – from the brewing process, to tap, to glass.”

The first microbrewery supply agreement Air Products signed in Cape Town was with Cape Brewing Company (CBC) approximately five years ago, followed by Darling Brewery. The latest signings include Noon Gun Brewery and Devils Peak Brewing Company.

Wolfgang Koedel, from CBC, added, “Air Products is a key partner and we are comfortable that they are focused on ensuring that our product is supplied to us when we require it. The team further supports us in ensuring that our gas usage and composition it best suited to our operations.”

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L-R Arno Matthee (Noon Gun Brewery), Wolfgang Koedel (CBC), Francois Henning (Noon Gun Brewery), Philippa Wood (Darling Brewery), Nita Muller (Air Products), Leonard Henning (Noon Gun Brewery) and Cameron McCulloch (Darling Brewery)

Source: Air Products