Air Products plans to build a 12 acre solar farm at its corporate headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
The facility will offer 1.5 MW of electricity, which is sufficient to serve the energy needs of almost half of the company’s administrative buildings. Construction is due to commence in Autumn and it shall be onstream during Spring 2011.
John McGlade, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Products, commented, “For years, customers around the world have sought out Air Products’ gases and materials to help improve environmental performance, and now we are excited to have this renewable energy opportunity right in our own backyard.”
McGlade added, “Our employees are looking forward to putting our SunSource™ Solutions for photovoltaics to work thereby reducing our carbon footprint and generating sustainable, clean energy to power a portion of our campus.”
The new solar farm has been enabled through investment partnership between Air Products and a $1m grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, under the remit of its 2008 Alternative Energy Funding Bill. Furthermore, the change will reduce Air Products’ carbon dioxide footprint by more than 1,000 tonnes per year.