Air Products will highlight the reliability and efficiency of its medical oxygen supply systems—including high efficiency systems that reduce oxygen loss and systems for emergency oxygen supply—at the 52nd ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition in Boston, Mass., from July 12-15.

ASHE attendees are invited to stop by Air Products booth 913 to learn how the company can help reduce their oxygen usage by as much as 30 percent, change out their gas storage tank with no service interruption, and provide solutions that can help them meet the needs of their patients—quickly, effectively, and safely.

Air Products offers High Efficiency Supply Systems for liquid oxygen that can reduce the loss of normally vented oxygen by as much as 30 percent. Using patent-pending technology, these systems first pull oxygen in the form of a gas, rather than a liquid, to eliminate a rise in the tank’s pressure, thereby reducing the product loss by venting that would otherwise result. Depending on volume requirements, Air Products’ High Efficiency Supply Systems can work with many medical or industrial gases applications that employ batch/intermittent usage or start-and-stop consumption.

Air Products also offers reassurance to customers with its emergency supply systems, which can provide an instantaneous supply of oxygen for a variety of unexpected situations, such as an oxygen line failure, an unforeseen disaster, or unusual spikes in demand. The company’s oxygen supply systems are supported by Air Products’ proprietary software and remote TELALERT® telemetry system, which helps facilitate forecasting and scheduling product deliveries. The company also provides a number of additional services, such as testing, repairs, preventative maintenance, gas audits, engineering, and turnkey installations.

As a leading supplier of medical gases in North America since 1947, Air Products provides a variety of safe and reliable delivery options to match each customer’s requirements. For small-volume users, Air Products offers its CryoEase® microbulk solutions, which eliminate the hassle of cylinder handling and change-out. For large-volume customers, the company provides traditional bulk liquid and gas supply.