Air Products hydrogen fueling technology has been installed at a new hydrogen station built by BP.

BP has dedicated a new hydrogen facility to the US Department of Energy (DOE) program, the DOE's next step in bringing hydrogen to broad market distribution.

The project is intended to facilitate the field-testing of fuel cell vehicles and fueling infrastructure in the United States. The new station, located at the NextEnergy Centre in Detroit, features Air Products\\$quot; Series 200 vehicle fueling technology, which both provides hydrogen storage and dispenses the gas to vehicles.

The facility has the capacity to store 50 kg of hydrogen and dispense 20 to 40 kg of hydrogen per day and is part of a collaboration between BP, DaimlerChrysler and NextEnergy, supported by the DOE's five-year fuel cell vehicle and infrastructure validation effort.

Don Eichelberger, commercial development manager for future energy solutions at Air Products, said that the company was pleased to be developing its existing relationship with BP.