Air Products has revealed it will use solar energy to help power its global Centre of Excellence (COE) for the supply of special gas mixtures and ultra pure gases (UHP), located in Keumiée, Belgium.

The Tier One company has installed start-of-the-art solar panels on the roof, which will allow the plant to generate part of its own energy mix.

This project represents an additional step for the company, which continues to identify opportunities for the supply of renewable energy, which contributes to reducing both the cost of energy consumption and the environmental footprint.

800 solar panels were installed on the roofs of three buildings on the facility, covering a considerable part of the power demand.

Planta de Keumiée (Bélgica) de Air Products

Source: Carburos Metálicos

As part of the environmental initiative Seed for Life, the Belgian company responsible for supplying and installing the solar panels, Green Energy4Seasons, will plant 800 trees in Madagascar (1 tree for each solar panel), so that the environmental contribution of the project is even greater.

“For Air Products, sustainability is at the centre of its activity, supported by three fundamental areas of action: Growing in a responsible manner through offers driven by sustainability that benefit our customers and our world; conserve resources and reduce our environmental footprint thanks to profitable and cutting-edge innovations; and caring for employees, customers, and communities by protecting our license to operate and keep growing, “said Kurt Lefevere, Vice-President of Northern Continent at Air Products.

“We are focused on fulfilling our sustainability commitments and I am happy that this achievement paves the way for future projects that allow us to generate our own renewable energy and reduce our impact on the greenhouse effect.” 

Instalación de los paneles sorales en la planta de Keumiée

Source: Carburos Metálicos

The Keumiée plant of Air Products employs 80 people and is the largest cylinder filling center of the company in Europe, with three main product lines: UHP gases, process mixes and calibrated mixtures.