Air Products introduces its new mobile nitrogen (N2) pumpers that can provide safe, fast and reliable temporary or emergency gas supply.

The new pumpers feature advanced technology that complies with forthcoming air regulations.

The new 300m standard cubic feet per hour (mscfh) pumpers have remote process monitoring and coolant circuit rupture discs that are redundant and instrumented to prevent troublesome breaks, which help improve reliability while also providing a high level of personal protection.

The pumpers also feature final Tier 4 and California ARB compliant engines that use the diesel engine load to generate heat for N2 vaporisation. Using a heat recovery vaporiser in place of a fired vaporiser eliminates nuisance smoke and fumes and the need for an open-flame safe work permit, as well as reduces fuel consumption by 20-50%, under most conditions.

In addition, a steam heat exchanger allows for enhanced flow rates beyond the maximum engine load, and the company’s proprietary vaporiser configuration exceeds industry standards by allowing higher discharge temperatures than other heat recovery units. The new N2 pumpers also include climate-controlled cabins to help reduce operator fatigue along with a configuration that reduces operator exposure to noise and weather conditions.

Air Products will highlight its new mobile N2 pumpers at the Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference (PPIM) in Houston from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March, booth 408.

Air Products Express Services' technician connects nitrogen line from mobile nitrogen pumper to customer's pipeline.

Air Products Express Services’ technician connects nitrogen line from mobile nitrogen pumper to customer’s pipeline.