Air Products AS, the wholly owned Norwegian subsidiary of Air Products, has introduced PRISM® Pro-Line Nitrogen Generator GEN1: the latest offering in its high-spec equipment portfolio.

The new nitrogen (N2) generator is a pre-engineered and highly specialised membrane cabinet, designed in accordance with engineering requirements for the marine, offshore and land-based oil and gas industries. Its innovative design basis streamlines critical documentation generation, engineering customisation and project execution.

The Pro-Line GEN1 System aims to address the new directions of the major oil and gas companies, by allowing Engineering Procurement Constructions (EPCs) and end users a cost effective system that can be deployed quickly.

Hans Ihme, Product Manager for Air Products AS, confirmed, “The Pro-Line System provides an alternative to the traditional spec-and-build projects, while retaining all of the highest quality components and fabrication required for these severe-duty operations. Projects are completed on time and on budget.”

Air Products AS specialises in the engineering and fabrication of N2 systems to generate the gas on-site, inerting potentially hazardous operations. To date, the company has delivered more than 1,000 PRISM Membrane nitrogen systems for shipboard service, and more than 220 systems for both offshore and land-based oil and gas applications.

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