Air Products have announced the commercial launch of its PRISM high-purity oxygen generator product line, an advanced technology that lets customers avoid the hassles of managing and maintaining an inventory of oxygen cylinders.

The solid-state technology can be plugged into any standard US 110 volt electrical outlet. The on-site generator produces 99.999% purity oxygen that is free from hydrocarbons and biological or chemical impurities. High purity oxygen has many applications and is valued in a variety of markets, including those that serve analytical laboratories.

The technology is being taken to market with the assistance of LECO Corporation who develops high-quality analytical instruments. Based in Michigan, LECO has provided design support, testing and use of its state-of-the-art research and development centre for the PRISM generator.

Development Manager for Air Products, Ron Long, said customer demand led the development, \\$quot;In talking with customers and representatives in the analytical research market, we continued to hear about the desire to produce affordable, high-purity oxygen right at their sites. Before today, that wasn’t an option. Now, customers no longer have to worry about transporting and operating cylinders.\\$quot;

PRISM high-purity oxygen generators are based on an advanced solid-state technology called Ion Transport Membranes (ITM), which are used to separate pure oxygen from air.

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