The Netherlands will next year open its largest ever green hydrogen refuelling station.

Air Products, Schenk Tanktransport and TNO have joined forces to develop the site as part of the Clean Hydrogen and Road Transport Project (CH2aRT) that will also see the deployment of hydrogen trucks.

Located in the Port of Rotterdam, the new station will support trucks rolled-out under the CH2aRT project and contribute to the ambitions of HyTrucks, an international consortium that wants to deploy hydrogen in heavy-duty transport at scale by 2050.

As part of the project plans, Air Products has said it will supply and operate the refuelling station in the Botlek area, as well as provide the green hydrogen, while Schenk Tanktransport will use the trucks for its daily logistics operations.

TNO will monitor the entire project and use the insights obtained for the further development and application of hydrogen in heavy-duty road transport.

Kurt Lefevere, Vice-President of Benelux, Germany and France at Air Products, said, “This partnership is very positive for Air Products as it offers the possibility, as the world’s largest producer of hydrogen, to contribute even more to the necessary deployment of hydrogen in heavy-duty road transport.”

“It is expected that hydrogen will help meet society’s need to make transport more sustainable, based on zero or low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The choice of hydrogen for heavy duty vehicles, compared with other technologies, allows for faster refuelling, a greater vehicle range and the transport of heavier loads.”

“The subsidy is evidence of the commitment locally and provides even further momentum to move forward. Our technology has been used in over 250 projects around the world. In addition, Air Products has decades of expertise and experience in hydrogen production, equipment, logistics and services.’’

Harry Schenk, Co-CEO Schenk Tanktransport, added, “For Schenk Tanktransport, this collaboration is fully in line with the partnership with Air Products and gives substance to our aim to be a frontrunner as a sustainable and innovative logistics service provider.” 

“Schenk Tanktransport has been focusing on reducing CO2 emissions for years and its fleet now consists of an increasing number of trucks running on Bio-LNG. For us, hydrogen as a fuel is the next logical step in making our company and our environment more sustainable and future-proof.”