Air Products will display its hydrogen fuel cell-powered Toyota Mirai at the America on Wheels museum in Pennsylvania on 6th October, to celebrate National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day on 8th October.

Toyota Mirai

Source: Air Products

Air Products will display the car from 11am on Saturday at the museum in Allentown where Nick Mittica, commercial manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, will educate visitors on the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell cars that turn hydrogen into electricity.

“We are excited to make our hydrogen fuel cell vehicle available to visitors at America On Wheels and appreciate the opportunity to educate the public about the benefits that fuel cells and hydrogen technologies provide in generating reliable and resilient power, improving the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing America’s energy security,” said Mittica. 

“We will have a raffle drawing where one lucky visitor will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Toyota Mirai and experience first-hand that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are clean, efficient, and quiet.”

Air Products is a global supplier of hydrogen to refineries to assist in producing cleaner burning transportation fuels. Use of the company’s fueling technology is increasing and is used in over 1,500,000 hydrogen fills per year. Air Products has been involved in over 250 hydrogen fueling projects in the US and 20 countries worldwide.

Air Products provides liquid and gaseous hydrogen and a variety of enabling devices and protocols for fuel dispensing at varied pressures. Hydrogen for these stations can be delivered to a site via truck or pipeline, produced by natural gas reformation, biomass conversion, or by electrolysis, including electrolysis that is solar and wind driven.

The date of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day was chosen in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008) and is in its fourth year.