Air Products has introduced its new continuous dew point monitoring system that helps manufacturers comply with industry quality standards and enables operators to plan for shutdowns and preventative maintenance of their furnaces.

The device incorporates design features, such as an automated self-cleaning and sensor calibration process, along with temperature control of the sensor and sampling system, to maintain accurate consistency of the measured dew point level. The system reports drifts and changes in dew point locally through monitoring and alarms or remotely through cloud server access, enabling furnace operators to address issues quickly and efficiently.

Tom Philips, applications engineer at Air Products, stated, “Many Air Products innovations are inspired by our customers’ needs to address challenges in their day-to-day operations, enhance the quality of their products, and improve the efficiency of their processes.”

“Customers currently using our continuous dew point monitoring technology are finding that the system enables them uninterrupted use, without the need for calibration or maintenance of the sensors, and provides them with alerts on process drifts and maintenance needs before they become a major problem,” Phillips continued.

Air Products will discuss its new technology for continuous dew point monitoring of sintering atmospheres at POWDERMET 2017, the International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials, on the 15th June in Las Vegas.