Air Products South African develops a new gas supply and delivery system that is flexible enough to cope under the most extreme operating conditions.

Anthony Wheatley, Air Products packaged gas marketing and strategy manager, notes that the SLD system incorporates unusual features that are developed to cope with the extremely demanding conditions of the laser-cutting industry.

Minimum operating pressure of 37 bar (g), variable flow rates peaking up to as high as 100 m3/h and fluctuating daily demand are some of the parameters that are offered. $quot;The system is suited to many other gas-consuming activities, including flame cutting, welding, food packaging, analytical instrumentation, heat treatment, gas inerting and other specialised chemical and production industries,$quot; he explains.

The SLD service, complemented by maxi-tank onsite storage, forms a gas supply package that can be tailor made to many diverse production requirements.

The SLD system consists of the following components: Maxi-tank storage units for oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide of up to 2,000-â„“ capacity, that hold gas in liquid form at the customer's site and SLD tankers which are purpose-designed vehicles for delivery onto customer sites where accessibility or vehicle congestion is a potential problem.

SLD tankers are equipped with submerged pumps that enable even quicker deliveries and less disruption on site. They are fitted with precision assisted and approved meters to ensure accurate and legal custody transfer of product delivered, are also capable of filling smaller mini-tank transportable liquid containers on the customer site, and are operated by highly trained customer service personnel who manage the filling process.

He adds that Air Products Telalert telemetry is an internet-enabled monitoring system that takes hourly readings of liquid tank levels.

$quot;This internet-based technology provides Air Products customers with an unprecedented opportunity for operating efficiency and allows them to focus more on their core business as it eliminates manual intervention on their part to ensure continuous supply of critical industrial gases,$quot; he concludes.