Air Products has joined the City of Santa Monica, California and South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) in celebrating the official opening of a new hydrogen fuelling station.

The Santa Monica-based station dedication also marked Air Products' successful start-up of five fuelling stations over the past six months which are part of a five-city AQMD hydrogen fuelling alternative energy demonstration programme.

The cities programme is aimed at stimulating demand for hydrogen fuelling, accelerating the expansion of the region's hydrogen fuelling network, and educating the public on hydrogen-fuelled vehicles.

"The five city demonstration programme will increase the public's awareness about the capabilities of hydrogen as a safe fuel for transportation use. Air Products is pleased to have provided the five fuelling stations for this programme and congratulates the City of Santa Monica for its role in promoting alternative energy," said Dan Rabun, California hydrogen fuel business manager for Air Products.

He continued: "The AQMD programme provides great exposure opportunities for hydrogen and showcases the multiple hydrogen fuelling technology options the company has to offer with both permanent and mobile hydrogen fuelling stations."

At Santa Monica, Air Products' Series 200TM system, a totally integrated vehicle fuelling system, is providing the storage and dispensing of hydrogen to hydrogen-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines modified to use gaseous hydrogen. This model station provides customers flexibility in using hydrogen generated at the site, or delivered hydrogen, integrated with storage and dispensing capabilities. On-site hydrogen at Santa Monica is provided to the fuelling system from a production model HOGEN® 6M Electrolyzer manufactured by Proton Energy Systems.