Air Products celebrated the opening of its upgraded Asia Technology R&D Centre 2.0 in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park with an official ceremony today.

The enhanced center, equipped with state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) capabilities, represents the company’s recent investment to accelerate innovation to support the fast-paced development of the China and Asia markets through its advanced applications technologies.

Integrated into Air Products’ global innovation network, the Asia Technology Centre develops and implements sustainable solutions that drive emissions reduction and resource recycling, as well as improve energy efficiency, water and air quality, food safety, and healthcare, helping address increasingly stringent environmental regulations and improve the quality of life.

The centre houses seven laboratories serving a wide range of high-growth markets in China and across Asia, including environment, new energy, advanced electronics, food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and glassmaking.


Source: Air Products

The latest upgrade adds a food laboratory, which helps improve food quality and safety with liquid nitrogen (N2) technologies by simulating actual production; a water laboratory that makes wastewater and water treatment processes more efficient and environmentally-friendly through oxygen (O2) and ozone; and more advanced equipment for the welding, combustion, metals processing, industrial cryogenics, and electronics packaging, assembly and testing laboratories.

“Asia is a strategic and high-growth market for Air Products,” said Wilbur Mok, President of Industrial Gases‒Asia at Air Products. “The upgraded Asia Technology Centre speaks volumes about our long-term commitment to bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to the region’s unique and pressing needs with speed. We will continue to work closely with our business partners and customers to accelerate innovation and technology development for energy, environment and emerging markets. Together, we strive to make people’s lives better.”


Source: Air Products

Air Products was the first global industrial gas company to establish an internal R&D capability of its kind in China in 2005. The Asia Technology Centre has gone through several expansion cycles and is one of the company’s key technology centers in the world.

As a leader in gas application technologies, Air Products has been playing a key role in advancing people’s lives by driving innovation in various ways, such as R&D partnerships, scholarships, recruitment programs, and scientific education projects in local schools and communities. The company has been launching joint research programs with leading universities in China, including Shanghai University of Science and Technology and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. It has also participated in the Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform and Zhangjiang Multinational Enterprises Joint Incubation Platform to support the development of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Centre.