Air Products showcased its polymer product range at a recent In-Cosmetics event.

Using Air Products’ Intelimer® 8600 Emulsion Polymer, Personal Care formulators can expect enhanced deposition and retention of actives on the skin, as well as excellent sensory benefits; that was the message delivered by Mona Noor, Senior Chemist at Air Products, during a seminar at the event in Munich, Germany.

Air Products’ Intelimer products are side-chain crystalline polymers which have the unique property of a sharp, adjustable melt temperature.

Within plus or minus 1˚C, these polymers transform themselves from a crystalline state to an amorphous state.

This morphological change enables some of these polymers to provide controlled release of ingredients while others, like Intelimer 8600, provide enhanced deposition and retention of ingredients.

These polymers also provide several other benefits, including rheology modification, water and rub-off resistance, superior dispersibility of actives and pigments, wide pH range compatibility, and excellent sensory qualities.

Intelimer polymers offer formulators answers to multifunctional needs across hair care, skin care, colour cosmetic, sun care, acne, anti-aging, DHA, and antiperspirant and deodorant applications.

In addition to its Intelimer offering, Air Products presently markets Hybridur polymers, unique urethane-acrylic pure hybrid polymers that provide strong water resistance, robust dispersion of ingredients, and high durability.