Air Products is part of a consortium that took part in the inaugural ceremony of the Shikaoi Hydrogen (H2) Farm, a H2 production supply facility derived from livestock biomass waste located in Hokkaido, Japan.

Air Products provided its H2 fuelling technology for this project as part of the company’s collaboration with NIPPON STEEL & SUMKIN Pipeline & Engineering Co. Ltd. To develop the retail automotive H2 fuelling infrastructure in Japan.

In addition, Air Products has provided its proprietary membrane technology for the biogas purification process.

Air Products, Global Business Director, Hydrogen Energy Systems, Ed Kiczek, said, “We are honored to not only provide our SmartFuel® H2 fueling technology, but also our PRISM® membrane technology, to support this integrated and renewable H2 supply chain capability.”

“This innovative project represents the second H2 fueling station that we have successfully constructed and delivered with NSPE in the Japanese market, and we look forward to collaborating with them on many more,” Kiczek added.

The Shikaoi H2 Farm utilises agricultural wastes which are anaerobically digested to create a supply of raw biogas. This biogas is upgraded to a purified supply of biomethane using Air Products’ PRISM PB Membrane separators. The biomethane is then used as a feedstock to manufacture renewable H2 on-site, which generates heat, power and vehicle fuel. This is the first facility in Japan to use agricultural wastes as the source to manufacture H2.

The Shikaoi H2 Farm is a five-year business project entrusted by the Ministry of the Environment in Japan for low-carbon H2 technology. The project demonstrates an integrated H2 energy-based supply chain, leveraging local renewable energy sources for H2 generation, storage, transportation and use. The H2 is returned to local livestock farmers and neighboring facilities as a source of renewable energy and fuel. Hokkaido’s first H2 vehicle fueling station is installed at the Farm, which delivers fuel to H2 powered vehicles and forklifts.

Additional companies contributing to the project are Air Water Inc. and Kajima Corporation.

Air Products’ SmartFuel H2 fueling stations provide H2 fueling at 35 Mpa (5,000 psi) and 70 Mpa (10,000 psi) in compliance with JPEC (Japan Petroleum Energy Center) S0003.