Air Products South Africa has supplied liquid nitrogen (N2) to Cryozone for the process of cryotherapy.

The Tier One company provided the liquid N2 to the South African company, who specialise in cryogenic technologies, for its cryochamber exhibition at the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Cryozone provided cyclists and visitors at the event with an opportunity to experience what cryotherapy is all about.

Air Products has the ability to provide liquid product to customers’ sites via CryoEase, which is a useful alternative to cylinders.

Nita Muller, Regional Sales Manager in the Western Cape, commented, “Air Products’ role in cryotherapy proves that besides supply of gas for industrial applications, product can be supplied for medical, food and beverage and other specialised applications which require specialty gas. The use of gas in the cryotherapy process adds another exciting aspect to our gas products.”


Source: Air Products South Africa