Air Products’ hydrogen and fuelling station powers Sysco Corporation’s Warehouse facilities.
Air Products’ hydrogen and fuelling station technology is live and will power Sysco Corporation’s distribution facility in Houston, Texas. On a daily basis, Air Products will power Sysco’s fleet of nearly 100 hydrogen fuelled pallet trucks and forklifts at the new 585,000 ft² warehouse in Texas.
Nick Mittica, Commercial Manager of Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, commented, “We have installed hydrogen fueling stations and infrastructure around the world. The material handling market continues to show growing interest in converting to hydrogen powered fuel cell equipment. This is a leading edge decision that was made, and Sysco should be commended.”
The hydrogen fuel cell facility incorporates a grant provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the US Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technology Program. The plant constitutes Sysco’s first Greenfield installation without battery infrastructure for a material handling fleet.