Air Products has hit a major milestone after successfully transporting its four millionth metric tonne of captured carbon dioxide (CO2) from its hydrogen (H2) production facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

The Capture Demonstration Project, which is sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and managed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), captures more than 90% of by-product CO2 emitted from two commercial-scale steam methane reformers (SMRs) at the facility.

The Air Products-NETL project, after separating CO2 from the process gas stream, compresses and dries it until its purity is greater than 97% and then delivers it into the Green Pipeline-Texas for transport to and use in the West Hastings Unit enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project.

In a press release, NETL said the large-scale project is capturing about one million tonnes of CO2 per year and forging a successful new direction for H2 production technology.

“As of September 2017, the Air Products-NETL project had successfully captured and sent for storage about four million tonnes of CO2. The process enhances the US H2 market for refinery use, which is estimated to be almost four million tonnes annually. The two Port Arthur steam methane reforming H2 production plants represent 4.3% of the H2 market,” NETL said.