In the laser cutting and welding industry, inadequate or interrupted gas supply is one of the major causes of lost production.

Air Products South Africa now offers a solution specifically developed to cope with the tough demands of the laser cutting and welding industry. This solution, called Small Liquid Delivery (SLD), provides an effective answer to the problem of poor gas supply.

Air Products' strategy for success in the laser cutting industry has been focused on replacing traditional supply methods with technical innovations that bring real benefits. The advantages of SLD include reduced labour costs, minimal handling, and enhanced security. Admin processes that exclude cylinder control or rental are more streamlined. All these factors lead to fewer production interruptions.

The system is highly suited to many other gas consuming activities such as flame cutting, welding, food packaging, analytical instrumentation, heat treatment, gas inerting and other specialised processes in the chemical and production industries.

The SLD service is complemented by the Maxitank, on-site storage tanks that are available in various sizes. Together SLD and Maxitank form a gas-supply package that can be customised to meet most customer requirements.