As part of its efforts to help the NHS in the UK amid the coronavirus pandemic, Air Products has been working hard to get medical oxygen supplies installed at the next Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham.

Temporary hospitals have already been set up in other parts of the UK, including at the ExCel Centre in London, and Air Products assisted with the set up of NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham, based at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC).

The facility will initially provide 500 fully equipped beds to support patients with coronavirus who may no longer need intensive hospital care, which can be scaled quickly to 4,000, if needed.

Air Products shared this image last week of its truck filling the storage units with medical oxygen.


Source: Air Products


At the beginning of April, Air Products said it also completed a medical oxygen hospital upgrade project at Southmead Hospital in Bristol in record time.

A project that would normally have taken approximately six week times, Air Products said the team planned and executed the work in less than a week, securing improved flow rates and additional medical oxygen capacity.

“The oxygen supply had to remain online at all times, so some careful planning of how to tie in and complete safe isolations was needed,” Air Products said.

“Work began on site with the installation of 40 metres of pipework. After the installation of the first vaporiser, the necessary tests were completed, supply was switched over and the flow to the old one isolated.”

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“This process was then repeated for the second vaporiser. A new medical oxygen pressure control panel will give the hospital an additional 3,000 litres per minute of oxygen and the replaced vaporisers increase the heat transfer area from 52m2 to 195m2.”