Industrial gas giant Air Products has detailed its sustainability goals, achievements and showcased how its industrial gases and expertise can help customers reduce their environmental impact in its 2021 Sustainability Report.

Released on Monday (7th June), the report provides stakeholders with economic, environmental and social performance data, in accordance with the Global Report Initiative (GRI) standards.

Commenting on the report, Seifi Ghasemi, Air Products’ Chairman, President and CEO, said, “Put simply, sustainability is our growth strategy at Air Products. Sustainability creates our growth opportunities, and our growth opportunities support our sustainability goals and focus.”

“Throughout 2020, the world has faced unparalleled challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. I am extremely proud of the work of our talented and committed team at Air Products for working tirelessly to safely operate our more than 750 production facilities around the world to supply customers with essential industrial gases and execute global megaprojects that are enabling a transition to a cleaner energy future.”

Air Product’s Third by ‘30” goal to reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions intensity (kg CO2/MM BTU) by one-third by 2030 from a 2015 baseline, is outlined in the report, as well as the company’s Grow, Conserve, and Care” sustainability framework.

Within the paper, it is celebrated that Air Products has achieved many of its 2020 sustainability goals, established in 2016. Below are a few highlights and results of the “Grow, Conserve and Care” focus:

Grow – In 2020, Air Products generated 57% of revenues from sustainable offerings, and Air Products’ industrial gases and technologies enabled customers to avoid the equivalent of 72 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This figure is three times Air Products’ own direct and indirect CO2 emissions. 

Conserve – Air Products avoided 1.3 million metric tons of CO2e through efficiency improvements and continued to build on its leading technologies for gasification, carbon capture and hydrogen for mobility to power the broader energy transition.

Care – By 2025, Air Products aims to achieve at least 28% female representation in its professional and managerial population globally, and at least 20 percent minority representation in the same population in the US. In 2020, the Air Products Foundation contributed $6.4m in charitable donations to community organisations.