Air Products has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.
The agreement represents a joint commitment to identify investment opportunities in Taiwan’s semiconductor solar energy and TFT-LCD manufacturing industries. The document also signifies the intention to foster long-term cooperation with Taiwanese companies and research institutes, in the development of gas and semiconductor fluid cleaning technologies.
The document was signed at Air Products’ headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania by senior officials from both parties; Taiwan Deputy Minister, Sheng-Chung Lin and Air Products CEO John E McGlade. Deputy Secretary of International Business Development, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, participated in the ceremony together with officials from various departments within the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as representatives from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the US.
Air Products’ applauded burgeoning prospects in Taiwan. He said, “Air Products has been building relationships in the Asia region for nearly 30 years, and we are especially pleased with the growth of Air Products San Fu, our Taiwanese affiliate, which is today the largest industrial gas company in Taiwan.”
McGlade continued, “Taiwan is an extremely attractive market for us, and we welcome the opportunity to work even more closely with our government, industry and academic partners to enhance Taiwan’s global competitiveness.”
Deputy Minister Lin, who is leading the Taiwan delegation during visits to North American companies responded, “Taiwan is a world leader in semiconductor, LED and solar cell manufacturing. With this agreement we have signed today, it is our hope that Air Products San Fu will continue to invest in the petrochemical and semiconductor industries, and advance its efforts into the green energy industry as well.”
Air Products has been operating in Taiwan through its San Fu subsidiary since 1987 and supplies atmospheric and specialty electronics gases, chemicals and related equipment to various industries. The San Fu subsidiary was recently named among “The Top 300 Companies” in Taiwan by 'The Commonwealth' magazine.