Air Products has been awarded the prestigious Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Award for its innovative Series 100 Hydrogen Fueling Station technology.

The technology, which is helping break down barriers to the development of the hydrogen economy, clearly fit the award’s aims of promoting and celebrating leading environmental technologies in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland.

“Receiving the Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Award is a great honour,” commented Ian Williamson, Director of Hydrogen Energy Systems for Air Products Europe.

“It demonstrates the importance in developing hydrogen infrastructure in line with hydrogen vehicle development and the ultimate potential benefits of drastically reducing carbon emissions.”

“As the market leading hydrogen producer and the global leader in the deployment of hydrogen infrastructure, the supply flexibility of our Series 100 fueling station is complemented by the different routes of economical green hydrogen that we’re developing.”

“Our goal to introduce infrastructure alongside hydrogen vehicles with well-to-wheel emissions that are virtually zero, making a green hydrogen world not far away.”

The Air Products Series 100 Hydrogen Fueling Station has been an important enabler in changing industry and consumer perception in the UK as to the validity and safety of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier.

The Rushlight Award acknowledges the success of this fully integrated fuelling station in meeting the needs of hydrogen fuelling test and demonstration programmes.

The Series 100’s features include simple operation for hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing, a small footprint, quick installation and ease of relocation.

As the automotive industry increases its investment in developing fuel cell vehicles and power systems, the challenge of infrastructure is being addressed at the same time.

The Rushlight judges recognised Air Products’ Series 100 Hydrogen Fueling Station as a first step to do this in the UK, demonstrating the potential for further market penetration in the future.

The current Series 100 systems in place form a ‘backbone’ of hydrogen fueling facilities and the basis of a UK Hydrogen network.

The further development of this network will strengthen the UK’s hydrogen position globally, ultimately helping generate carbon savings.

It also makes the UK an attractive place for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to bring hydrogen vehicles and further develop the marketplace.