Air Products recently reported record first quarter revenues of $2,433m were up 21 percent from the prior year on strong volume growth in the company's merchant gases, tonnage gases, electronics and performance materials, and equipment and energy segments.

John Jones, chairman and chief executive officer, said: $quot;This was an outstanding quarter. We delivered substantial top-line growth through strong volumes, improved pricing and higher equipment results.$quot;

Individual Business Segment Performance
Air Products manages its operations, assesses performance and reports results in six global business segments. For the fiscal 2007 first quarter:
Merchant Gases sales of $740m were up 19 percent
Tonnage Gases sales of $605m were up 13 percent
Electronics and Performance Materials sales of $510m were up 22 percent
Equipment and Energy sales of $196m more than doubled
Healthcare sales of $156m were up 15 percent
Chemicals sales of $227m were up five percent.