Air Products plans to transform the world’s whole body cryotherapy (WBC) market after signing an agreement to create a reference centre in Europe.

Under the deal, Air Products has made Dutch health and performance specialist Fysiomed the first PolarFit® Care Reference Centre in Europe. Fysiomed is a sports medical centre located in Amsterdam.

As the first ever PolarFit Care reference centre, Fysiomed will play a central role in empowering health and fitness professionals from across Europe and plans to revolutionise the region’s WBC marketplace.

Polar fit care single unit mall

Source: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

PolarFit Care single unit.

PolarFit Care is a new approach to WBC jointly developed by Air Products, a Tier One player and leader in cryogenic technology applications, and ProCcare, an expert in cold therapy.

The technology uses an indirect cooling system, where the liquid nitrogen (N2) inside the cryotherapy unit refrigerates the air inside, avoiding any potential risk of asphyxia due to low oxygen (O2) concentration.

Leo Echteld, Sports Medical Director at Fysiomed, explained, “[This development] gives us the opportunity to offer safe and personalised WBC treatments to our patients using state-of-the-art technology.”

Cryotherapy has grown in popularity in recent years, with many high-profile sports teams turning to the technology to boost physical performances. The collaboration between Air Products and ProCcare has already developed tailored cryotherapy vessels for Fulham FC, as announced by gasworld in March.

The UK and Ireland’s leading industrial gas provider BOC and CryoAction partnered last year to bring cryotherapy chamber solutions to domestic and international squads. Under this union, Linde’s wholly owned subsidiary became the preferred liquid N2 gas supplier across the entirety of CryoAction’s permanent cryotherapy chambers.

And Air Products subsidiary Carburos Metálicos also recently secured a deal to supply its technology for Sevilla FC’s training regime. It has also previously supplied its N2 recovery system at the Open Banc Sababell tennis tournament.