A new ultra-light and environmentally friendly generation of Air Products liquid bulk trailers has hit the roads in France.

The Tier One company has renewed its fleet in the European country by rolling out new liquid bulk (LB) transportation trailers for nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar).

The new trailers are safer, lighter and have heightened aerodynamic properties to reduce both fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

They also feature the latest state-of-the-art technologies including improved reversing security and full LED lighting for maximum vision.

Thomas Hollad, Liquid Bulk and CryoEase Asset and Transport Manager Northern Continent at Air Products, emphasised, “The renewed fleet clearly demonstrates that sustainability finds its way into our daily business and decision making.”

Kurt Lefevere, Vice-President Northern Continent, Industrial Gases Europe, added, “With these fuel-efficient and ever-safer LB trailers, we are reinforcing our sustainability strategy by saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with very ambitious carbon footprint targets.”

Sustainability is a core focus of Air Products’ agenda, with its French unit switching to 100% renewable energy to power its operations last month.