South African industrial and specialty gas products and chemicals company, Air Products SA recently received particular commendation following its “exemplary” response to a customer, A. Hak Industrial Services’ needs.

During the annual maintenance shutdown for its regular client last year, A. Hak Industrial Services was called on to provide an atypically large volume of gaseous nitrogen. “This request was due to the fact that instead of shutting down only one of the two sections – East and West – at the plant, the petrochemical facility decided to concurrently shut down both sections,” explained Stuart Baigent, Project Engineer at A.Hak Inustrial Services.
“The complete plant shutdown resulted in the demand for gaseous nitrogen far exceeding the volumes available on site. We were requested by the petrochemical facility to project manage the supply of additional nitrogen in order to meet the on site requirements.”

Baigent continued, “We approached three nitrogen suppliers, including Air Products, to provide us with both the liquid nitrogen as well as the specified storage vessels.$quot;

$quot;Air Products went out of their way to accommodate all our requirements and in fact were responsible for supplying product well in excess of our initial discussions. In addition, they were the only supplier that was prepared to provide the requisite storage vessels,” said Baigent.

Of the three suppliers, Air Products was initially requested to supply 60% of all liquid nitrogen for the project. The final supply ratio exceeded this by 10%, with a total contribution of 310 tons. Baigent also applauded Air Products SA for supplying three pre-filled vacuum insulated evaporator storage tanks, which according to Baigent were, “essential for ensuring a constant supply of nitrogen around the clock.”

A.Hak described Air Products’ service as “superb”. Baigent elaborated, “A dedicated coordinator ensured that all our demands were met with grace and speed. Their ability to react quickly to our changing needs was exemplary and where we are in a position to select our own supplier, Air Products will be our first choice going forward.”