After operating in South Africa for the past year, Cryozone now has a whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) chamber housed on the premises of the Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), in Cape Town.

The South African company recently held an event which was attended by various South African sports and fitness personalities to introduce the WBC technology, outline its benefits and to introduce Cryozone, the company behind this scientifically and technologically advanced recovery therapy.

Air Products supplies Cryozone with liquid nitrogen (N2) that is in the cryotherapy chamber and was in attendance at the event.

“Air Products places a lot of emphasis on innovation and technology and the involvement with Cryozone highlights the fact that we embrace new technology,” said Nita Muller, Regional Sales Manager for Air Products in the Western Cape.

“With Air Products’ supply of liquid N2 for cryotherapy, we can showcase that our products are diverse – we are not restricted to supplying gas for industrial applications and food and beverage but are also able to accommodate specialised applications. One of the core aspects of Air Products is safety and we are confident of Cryozone’s operations being testimony to high safety standards.”

Willie Muller, Managing Director of Cryozone, added, “Whole body cryotherapy offers a technological and scientific approach in addressing fatigue, delayed muscle recovery as well as pain and inflammation caused by rigorous training and exercise.

“Within just three minutes in the cryotherapy chamber that’s cooled to -120°C, an athlete can enjoy health benefits such as faster recovery time, reduced muscle pain and inflammation, increased energy levels and muscle strength, as well as improved blood circulation and improved sleep quality.”

When the formalities for the day wrapped up, guests got the opportunity to experience WBC first hand.

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Source: Air Products