As the electronics and photovoltaics market continues to grow, Air Products has secured another key contract in the field after signing an agreement to provide bulk gases for Schott Solar Inc.’s planned factory in Albuquerque.

Schott is investing $100m to build a 200,000-square-foot factory at Mesa del Sol in south central Albuquerque, with the plant due to open early next year. It will make photovoltaic modules and receivers for concentrating solar thermal power plants.

Pennsylvania-based Air Products will supply liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and hydrogen to the plant, Air Products’ General Manager for Photovoltaics confirmed in a recent news release.

“We ... look forward to growing with Schott Solar in the future. We view the solar market as a strategic growth engine for Air Products’ electronics division,$quot; Jeff Handelman said.

The US gases giant announced at the start of the year that it had signed an agreement with Signet Solar Inc. to supply turnkey installation of gas delivery systems and services for a new, thin-film photovoltaic (PV) module production facility in Mochau, Germany.

A number of other contracts have been awarded to the industrial gas community as the PV market becomes an ever-increasing growth driver for the industry.