Air Products has agreed to provide industrial gases to Solar Atmospheres, Inc. The North American Company, Air Products will be supplying the vacuum heat-treating company, Solar Atmospheres’ plant in Fontana, California.

According to the contract, Air Products will be providing Solar Atmospheres with nitrogen, argon and helium for use in the vacuum processing of metals. John Giordano, Account Executive for the North American Merchant Gases at Air Products, extolled the longevity of the duo’s relationship. He said, “Air Products has been supplying industrial gases to Solar Atmospheres for more than two decades.”

“This relationship has been built on more than a dependable gas supply. Air Products has sustained this relationship by understanding what Solar Atmospheres wants and needs to be successful and then providing the necessary technical support and know-how to help them accomplish their goals.”

William R Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres, commented, “Air Products is more than a reliable gas supplier and has worked closely with Solar Atmospheres to understand our business.”

“Through our collaboration with Air Products over the years, Solar Atmospheres has found ways to reduce our quench cycle times and save on gas-related costs.”

Solar Atmospheres benefits from more than 200 employees and is expected to achieve heat-treating and brazing sales of $30m in 2011.